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Full Support

The G.R.I.M Union will always remain beside you and your family offering our full support throughout your paranormal ordeal. No story is unbelievable. Regardless of your situation, we are here to listen, identify and remove any unwanted activity you may be experiencing. Never feel too embarrassed to share your experiences.…

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Maintain Privacy

We completely understand an individual’s concern to maintain privacy with any paranormal experience. Our goal is to help those in need and to better understand the true nature of spirit activity. The G.R.I.M Union has and will never use fame and fortune as a motivation for society research. We are…

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Data Reports

Copies of our entire investigation data reports and collected evidence will be supplied to you once completed. This includes all audio, photograph and video captures. Of course all documents are free of charge for we will never demand any individual of payment for our services. We are strictly here to…

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No Fee Guarantee

As a respectable paranormal research group we offer our services at a no fee guarantee. We shall never ask for any type of payment for our services and we highly recommend that you stay clear from anyone who attempts to charge a fee. The G.R.I.M Union is a volunteer non-profit…

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Our Paranormal Mission To help identify and remove any unexplained phenomena within a residential or business setting.
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